New! Fleet Sustainability Track

New Track at NAFA’s 2013 I&E Presented By CALSTART!

During the 2013 I&E, CALSTART will host a specific education and training track featuring several value-add sessions for fleets looking at getting the latest information about advanced fuels and vehicles, and how to make them work for their operations. CALSTART is a fuel-neutral non-profit association that have a tremendous amount of expertise and insight on the many and various alt fuels suppliers in the world.
All sessions were developed by CALSTART and will feature their speakers and experts.
Sessions include:
  • An up-to-the-minute status report on available high efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles and technologies to keep fleets current
  • A workshop highlighting and correcting the most common myths and misperceptions about advanced and alternative fuel vehicles
  • A session on how to decide what solutions work best for a fleet’s unique operation, including using decision tools like Fleet Value Calculators
  • A hands-on session about how to plan for a sustainable or green fleet, including case studies and making the case to the corner office.

*Fleets can take each session separately, or consider taking the series as a unified track during the 2013 I&E sessions

Advanced Fuels, Vehicles and Strategies for Fleets – Making Sustainability Work

Session 1
Alternative Fuels and High-Efficiency Vehicles – Update for Fleets
Wednesday, April 24 10:15 – 11:45 am

The landscape of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles is rapidly changing, capabilities are improving and it is hard for fleets to keep up. This session will provide a valuable 10-thousand foot overview of the latest products available today, the technology emerging in the near term and what these technologies and fuels can mean to fleet operations. This is a valuable session both for fleets just trying to get up to speed on this arena, and as an update for fleets already active but wanting to stay current.

Session 2
Myths, Facts and Misperceptions – The Straight Scoop on New Fuels and Tech
Thursday, April 25 10:00 – 11:30 am

There is an old saying that says it’s not always what we don’t know that can hurt us: it’s what we don’t know that’s just plain wrong that is really crippling! Nowhere is this more apt than when it comes to some of the myths and misperceptions around advanced vehicles, like hybrid and electric technologies, and fuels such as natural gas, propane and others. How long does a battery last? What does it cost to replace? What costs more, a natural gas engine or its storage tanks? These are examples of some of the questions that can cripple your business case – and damage your decisions – if you operate from the wrong data.

Session 3
Smart Alt Fuel and Tech Choice Workshop – Making it Work for You
Thursday, April 25 3:30 – 5:00 pm

As your fleet implements sustainability and fleet greening plans, how do you make the best choice of fuel or technology that first your operation, geography and vehicle mix? New tools are becoming available for fleets that allow you to assess performance and payback in your operation, for the kinds of vehicles you use. This session will not only review these Value Calculators, but provide a hands-on training opportunity and an interactive workshop to share the additional functionality you need.

Session 4
Fleet Sustainability/Greening – The Key Steps to Plan your Path
Friday, April 26 9:30 – 10:45 am

The hardest part of any trip is picking your direction and taking the first few steps, and this is doubly true of sustainability plans because of the potential cost and scrutiny. However, there are smart actions fleets can take that puts them on the right path and save them money and time. This hands-on session will outline those key steps fleets can undertake to outline their strategic objectives, build a business case that matches their fleet operation and vehicle needs and make the case for investment that can win to the “corner office”. The session will include case studies and a chance to start outlining your own fleet. Good session for fleets just starting the process, and for fleets farther along can be a solid benchmark for your activities.


CALSTART, is North America’s leading advanced transportation technologies consortium. It is a fuel-neutral, partnership-supported, non-profit organization of more than 150 firms and organizations worldwide, all of which are dedicated to expanding a high-tech transportation industry that cleans the air, reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), reduces dependence on foreign sources of energy, and creates jobs. CALSTART has been working as an effective catalyst for the global advanced transportation technology industry for two decades and continues to gain momentum as a unique and increasingly important “meeting point” between key public and private sector stakeholders in the industry. The organization is nationally renowned as an unbiased, strategic broker that successfully spurs advanced transportation technologies, fuels, systems and the companies that make them.