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We are working to provide you with as many details and updates as possible, as they happen, and we truly appreciate your patience as we move forward on this new path. 

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You can also send questions and concerns to our sales team at  nafa@naylor.com.


Will there still be a NAFA Institute & Expo this year?

Absolutely!  NAFA will be hosting I&E on a virtual platform.  That platform will contain all the sessions, chat lounges, expo hall, NEW exhibitor showcase, and networking for the show.    


What are the new dates for NAFA 2020 Institute & Expo?

The virtual show is September 14 – 17.  As an added bonus the content, including expo hall and showcases, will be available post show until October 2.  That’s 3 weeks access to content and the expo hall! 

Is there an expo program in the virtual show?

You bet!  The virtual expo hall will have 3 booth packages designed to suit every exhibitor needs and sales program.  The packages will include a virtual booth space, assistance to set up that booth (do you don’t have to be a virtual expert to have an awesome booth!), virtual exhibitor training to help you maximize your ROI in a virtual environment, show registrations (4-10 depending on booth package), attendee lists or contact programs, and even a gamification program which requires attendees to visit booths to earn points for chances to win prizes!   

How will you incentivize attendees to use the virtual expo hall?

We are adding gamification to the expo hall.  Attendees visit booths, answer a simple question you set up based on a short video or brochure in your booth, and earn points.  NAFA will raffle off prizes based on points earned.  Prizes will include tablets, headphones, gift cards, and even free trips to I&E 2021!

Will the original agenda be maintained?  What are the hall hours?

We know a virtual conference isn’t the same as one you attend in person.  The virtual agenda will be streamlined into 4 half days instead of 3 full days, with longer breaks built in to allow attendees time to go through the expo hall and chat lounges.  The new schedule will be posted on the website shortly but we anticipate that the expo hall will be “open” anytime the show schedule is active, which is planned for 10am – 5pm eastern.  However, with OnDemand access you may get leads before or after hours.  There will be features to help you manage attendee inquiries and booth chat so you can best manage your teams time.   

When will new information be available on the NAFA Institute & Expo website?

On July 15, the NAFA I&E website will relaunch with updated information and attendee registration.  Exhibitor registration will open in late July.  All NAFA members, and current exhibitors, will receive an email once we relaunch the website and as registration is available.  

We already have a booth for the NAFA Institute & Expo what are my options?

Someone from the sales team will be in touch to help you with your options, but in summation we hope you will transfer your 2020 booth fees to the 2021 show being held in Pittsburgh, PA on April 12 – 14, 2021.  By doing this you will lock in 2020 rate for the 2021 show, and we will add bonus programs to your 2021 show.  These bonuses include discounts on furniture rental, booth cleaning and other programs to help your monies go farther in the new year. 
In addition, if you defer your 2020 booth fees to 2021, we will give you any virtual booth package you purchase for 2020 at 50% off the listed price.  Finally, we will NOT bill you for the 2020 show until 2021 so no new monies will come out of your pocket. 

I don’t currently have a booth, what are my options?  

You can always purchase a virtual booth and join the show!  Virtual booth packages start as low as $2,000.  More details will be posted on the website on July 15th but you can always reach out to the sales team at nafa@naylor.com.

What about the registration bag and our ability to give things to the attendees?

We want attendees to have as full show experience as possible so we will be sending them a Registration Box the week before the show!  This will include all the items that go in the conference tote – and the conference tote too!  Talk to the sales team about a conference box insert or other sponsorship opportunities.      


All Other Questions

Who do I contact for other questions?

Booth & Sponsorship Sales: nafa@naylor.com
Registrations: registration@nafa.org
Speakers/Sessions: dhultberg@nafa.org
General: info@nafa.org


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