I&E Press Releases

2018 registrations eclipsed its conference and Expo record previously set in 2013.
Global fleet and mobility professionals recently packed themselves wall-to-wall in a large conference room in Anaheim to answer the question, “What does mobility have to do with global fleets?”

The answer: just about everything.
NAFA brought together some of the brightest minds – and most experienced disaster response experts – a for half-day workshop designed to share knowledge and best practices.

Are You Really Ready? The Critical Role of Fleets Before, During, and Post-Disaster, put attendees, figuratively speaking, in positions they might not have wanted to be: knee-deep in flood waters, bracing for hurricane-force winds, and staring down a wall of fire descending from the mountains.
Conference Hosts Can’t-Miss Sessions Addressing Topics Straight from Today’s Headlines.
Partnership developed to combat cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents related to connected vehicles.
Trade Show News Network, the leading resource for the trade show, exhibition, and event industry, has named NAFA’s Institute and Expo (I&E) to its list of the 2017 Top U.S. Trade Shows.
The Fleet Excellence Awards (or FLEXY for short) shine a spotlight on those who have impacted fleet management in both the corporate and public fleet segments during the previous year. Three finalists were chosen for each of the seven categories. The FLEXY Awards nominations process was open to all fleet professionals throughout the United States and Canada, regardless of whether or not they were members of NAFA Fleet Management Association.
The U.S. DOT will present an overview of the Connected Pilots program, which features truck and taxi fleets in New York, Florida, and Wyoming that are taking the lead to deploy exciting new technology. This session takes place on Friday, April 27, at NAFA's 2018 Institute & Expo in Anaheim, Calif.
NAFA will hold a unique panel of top automobile executives that will reveal the significant mobility and technological improvements in store for fleet vehicles. This event, How OEMs are Addressing "Mobility" and the Future of Fleet, will occur at NAFA’s annual conference, the NAFA Institute & Expo (I&E), taking place April 24-27, in Anaheim, Calif. This year, fleet professionals are invited to submit questions directly to NAFA for possible inclusion in the panel.
NAFA announces the return of the annual International Fleet Academy (IFA), taking place April 23, in Anaheim, Calif. The IFA precedes the Association's annual conference, the NAFA Institute & Expo (I&E). Radical change is coming in the form of vehicle sharing, greater autonomy, and an explosion of technology. The IFA will provide an engaging forum to discuss questions concerning where the fleet/mobility industry will be 10 years from now and how this rapidly evolving industry will impact North American and global fleets.
New three-day, high-powered configuration represents streamlined conference structure, saving on travel costs starting with the April 15-17, 2019 Institute & Expo in Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, Ky.
NAFA Fleet Management Association, the vehicle fleet industry’s largest trade association, launches an all-new website for the Association's annual conference, the Institute & Expo (I&E). Key additions to the site offer easier access to information with customization options, intuitive navigation, and exclusive, first-look access to I&E details.
NAFA Fleet Management Association, the vehicle fleet industry’s largest trade association, today opens registration for its annual conference, the Institute & Expo (I&E).
NAFA’s annual Institute & Expo is the largest event of the fleet management industry, offering attendees access to groundbreaking education in fleet and mobility, as well as the opportunity to increase their networking power and learn of new fleet products.

With the final attendance numbers in hand, NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA) proudly announces that its 2017 Institute & Expo (I&E).

NAFA Fleet Management Association stands at the forefront of sustainable fleet education and practices.
Honorary Lifetime Membership is one of the highest honors NAFA Fleet Management Association can bestow on an individual.
NAFA’s Chapter Appreciation Luncheon, a highlight of the annual Institute & Expo which bowed in Tampa, Florida this past April, featured the presentation of the Chapter Service Awards.
NAFA Fleet Management Association is proud to announce its Class Of 2015/2016 Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS®) graduates.
The Willard H. DaSilva Student Scholarship is both a reward for a worthy student’s commitment to the fleet profession and a symbol of the support the current generation of fleet provides the next.
NAFA Fleet Management Association is proud to announce its Class Of 2016/2017 Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM®) graduates.
Excitement abounded on the evening of April 25, as the winners of the 2017 Fleet Excellence Awards ascended the stage at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL, and claimed their awards.
In early-March, NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA) was pleased to learn its 2016 edition of the annual conference, the Institute & Expo (I&E), earned a spot on the 2016 Trade Show News Network (TSNN) Top 250 Trade Show List.