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Media Day

Does your company have a new or innovative product, technology or other announcement to make this year? What better place to share this news than the premier fleet event of the year bringing together thousands of fleet professionals from across North America in every segment including corporate, government, public safety, utility, education, and more.

What is Media Day?
Media Day is a press-conference style event where I&E exhibitors unveil their breaking news, innovations or announcements. This event features back-to-back announcements from exhibitors, and is open for press to attend. 

When is Media Day?
Media Day will take place during NAFA I&E 2024 on Monday, April 22nd at 3:00pm. Stay tuned for location details. 

How much does it cost to participate in Media Day?
We are proud to offer this as a FREE opportunity for exhibitors.

What’s the application process like?
Interested participants can learn more and fill out the 2024 Media Day Application form below. Applications are due by March 15, 2024. We will notify companies of their acceptance by March 20, 2024. Please note that participants who have confirmed their acceptance of a Media Day slot and then drop out after April 15th, 2024 will be charged a $250 cancellation fee.

Applications are due by March 15, 2024.

Media Day Application 2024

Media Day Application 2024

1. Form needs to be filled out completely
2. All news needs to be shared with the NAFA Communications Team. If you require a Nondisclosure Agreement beforehand, please let us know. We can provide one or are willing to sign yours.
3. Please complete this form by March 15, 2024.
4. Submission must qualify as a news announcement:

What constitutes a news announcement to qualify for participating in NAFA’s I&E Media Day?
This is an opportunity to unveil your breaking news, innovations or announcements. An announcement should be timely, significant and relevant to the fleet and mobility community. A news announcement is not an advertisement of what your company already does. If we search your website and see this announcement in any way already posted there before the 2024 NAFA Institute & Expo, you will be removed from participation. Basic updates to existing products and services will not be accepted as news announcements unless it is significant enough for you to issue a press release when the announcement is made, and you can clearly articulate a significant impact the update will have on the industry.

Will you be issuing a press release?

Interested in Media Day, but want to learn more or ask questions about what qualifies as a news announcement before submitting your application? Email for additional information.