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Innovations Showcase

It’s Back! Launched in 2023 and back for 2024, the NAFA’s Innovations Showcase invites attendees into an interactive innovation zone on the Expo floor, where they explore exciting new products and product updates being launched by exhibiting companies. Attendees will experience innovation like never before and have the opportunity to vote for a People’s Choice award for the most innovative product.

Past Winners

2023 Innovations Showcase: Digital Ally, Inc. for EVO Fleet and ReviverMX, Inc. for RFleet

About Digital Ally, Inc.

Digital Ally’s newest fleet video system utilizes the latest innovations in telematics technology. Compact in form factor yet rich in features, the EVO Fleet Vehicle Camera offers artificial intelligence providing immediate driver-assist feedback by recognizing pedestrians, distracted or drowsy driving, and lane drifting.

Track your fleet and provide remote notifications to improve driver behavior and customer satisfaction with our easy-to-install and easy-to-manage fleet video system.  As Digital Ally’s innovations continue to push the industry forward, access critical front- and back-end products designed to give you an instant, comprehensive view of your fleet.

EVO Fleet Features:

• Up to 512GB of Storage
• Live GPS Tracking
• A.I Interface with real time alerts and notifications
• 1080P HD recording at 30 FPS
• Can record up to 4 streams of video simultaneously
• 4G LTE connectivity
• Video on Demand

Digital Ally’s complete video and software management solutions provide unmatched driver and asset management – all while delivering the ROI that matters most: the safety and security of your drivers.

About ReviverMX, Inc.

Introducing RFleet, a bundling of digital license plate hardware with a software interface purpose-built to streamline management of vehicle fleets for commercial businesses. RFleet offers a suite of services, including automated vehicle registration and compliance, as well as a robust set of telematics, corporate messaging and safety features. RFleet is the only fully-digital registration renewal solution on the market. It eliminates physical tags and stickers and enables fleet managers to conduct centralized vehicle registration renewal of their entire fleet. In addition, a unique batch registration renewal feature offers fleet-wide registration in a single transaction, with digital tags auto-updating on all vehicles. RFleet is currently available for purchase by commercial businesses in Arizona, California, Michigan, and Texas. 10+ additional U.S. states are in various stages of adoption.