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Taking place as one-on-one or small group conversations, Braindate meet ups are based on topics posted by attendees and booked by attendees. They provide the ability to connect with like-minded (and brilliant!) fleet professionals over meaningful, and authentic conversations.

  • Take advantage of the collective knowledge of like-minded peers.
  • Connect with others based on shared interests and experiences in order to help you meet your goals.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations about issues that are on your mind and in your heart.
  • Get granular about what you want to tackle by engaging with other NAFA I&E participants directly.
  • Gather diverse perspectives from others in an immediate and straight-forward way
  • Troubleshoot a problem or challenge you’re facing
  • You never know, a good conversation can be the start of a long-lasting relationship!
  • Make it self-directed: pick and choose the meetings you will have by identifying who has the answers to questions you are looking for.
  • Use your own experience for good: position yourself as a thought-leader and/or reliable source of information.

Interested in adding a topic to the Braindate Topic Marketplace?

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