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Brian Fielkow

Wednesday Keynote: The Roadmap to Fleet Safety

Wednesday General Session — Wednesday, April 24

Safety forms the bedrock of operationally excellent companies, transcending mere rules and regulations. It’s about shared behavior, philosophy, and attitude spanning from the boardroom to frontline employees.

In this presentation, Brian will equip you with tools and concepts to cultivate and embed a behavior-based environment fostering safety accountability. Beginning by presenting a new way of thinking about safety, Brian will then delve into practical, hands-on strategies for achieving safety excellence.

Here’s part of what we’ll discover:

  • Safety is not a priority: Distinguish between a priority and a value, emphasizing why safety must be an unwavering core value.
  • Safety must be leader-driven: Pinpoint employees with the influence to enhance safety, with a particular focus on frontline leaders. Brian will also address how managers can foster senior executive alignment around safety objectives.
  • Inclusive engagement: Discover innovative approaches to involve your entire team in the safety mission, including onboarding strategies for new hires. Brian will also evaluate the efficacy of safety bonuses, internal branding, and methods to engage employees and their families.
  • Respect for process: Prevent shortcuts from becoming the norm by offering strategies to ensure processes are universally understandable and adhered to.
  • “Just Culture”: Reject a blanket disciplinary approach to safety failures, distinguishing between honest mistakes and deliberate disregard for rules.
  • Dismissing severity: Acknowledge that all incidents demand attention, regardless of perceived severity, and focus on prevention.
  • Deploying metrics: Move beyond lagging indicators by capturing leading indicators, utilizing technology to proactively prevent future loss.
  • Breaking down silos: Embrace safety as a holistic organizational principle, aligning the entire enterprise around its importance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights into cultivating a culture of safety and ensuring success in the business battlefield.

About Brian Fielkow

Brian Fielkow brings over three decades of executive leadership expertise in safety-sensitive industries, with a special focus on the transportation and logistics sectors. His “Safety from the C-Suite” journey is marked by firsthand encounters with the daily challenges that come with leading teams, striving for safety excellence, and effectively managing risk.  Brian has learned that safety is at the foundation of operationally excellent, profitable companies.

Brian’s success in expanding his logistics business can be attributed to his unwavering commitment to nurturing a robust safety culture within his organization. Today, he shares the invaluable lessons he’s learned, both successes and setbacks, with audiences on a global scale.

Brian empowers audiences globally by illustrating the path to establishing and embedding a behavior-based environment that fosters accountability. He equips them with practical, hands-on tools to instill and perpetuate a culture of prevention within their own organizations.

Brian currently  holds the position of Executive Vice President-Risk Resources at Acrisure, and he also provides strategic guidance to select companies. His distinguished career has earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Distinguished Service to Safety Award from the National Safety Council. He has been recognized as one of Houston’s most admired CEOs by the Houston Business Journal and acknowledged as a “CEO Who Gets It” by NSC in 2022.

Originally from Appleton, Wisconsin, Brian now resides with his family in Houston, Texas. His passion for safety, leadership, and risk management continues to inspire and guide organizations worldwide.

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