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Richard Hadden

Monday Keynote: Recruiting and Retention in the New World of Work

Opening General Session — Monday, April 22

Pandemic or no pandemic, the world of work has changed. Irreversibly.
In this session, you’ll learn what organizations must do to attract, retain, and engage a willing and enthusiastic workforce in 2024 and beyond. We’ll take you inside the mind of today’s worker and explore the keys to landing the best people on your team in this worker’s market.

Here’s part of what we’ll discover:

  • What’s changed, and what hasn’t in the world of work (hint: Employers of Choice still outperform the competition).
  • Where all the workers have gone, and why it’s so hard to find people.
  • The best recruiting tool in the world.
  • How to conquer the unique challenges of the hybrid workplace.
  • How to market your employer brand to be a destination employer.
  • What the “careers” section of your website MUST do (and probably doesn’t).
  • Why your onboarding program isn’t helping build commitment in new hires, and how to fix it.
  • How to create and nurture an organizational culture that keeps talented people producing for you for years to come.

You’ll leave excited to implement the practical and actionable ideas you’ll gain on recruiting, retaining, and engaging your workforce, in this insightful, high-content, and entertaining presentation.

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